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Why You Need an Independent Medical Review for Your Workers’ Comp Claim

When you make a claim to receive injury compensation near San Jose, your employer’s workman’s comp insurance company may ask you to undergo an independent medical review. An independent medical review is simply a physical examination performed by a physician approved by the insurance company to evaluate your injuries and provide an estimate of the cost of your treatment. Alternatively, if your claim goes to trial, the judge may request an independent medical examination if there is a dispute about your case. The purpose of this review is to establish an unbiased view of your injuries and their cause, as well as the best course of treatment. Thus, this exam can have a significant impact on your worker’s compensation case; if you feel that your employer’s insurance company is trying to minimize the appearance of your workplace injury to deny or reduce the value of your claim, it’s essential to seek the help of an experienced lawyer. Hiring a lawyer who specializes in worker’s compensation laws can help you to ensure that the independent medical review process is transparent and trustworthy.

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