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Dog Bite Attorneys

Have you or someone you love been seriously injured by a dog bite? A dangerous dog can cause major injuries for children, and an experienced attorney can make sure you do not bear the financial burden that is owed by a negligent dog owner. At the San Jose law offices of Scher, Bassett & Hames, a dog bite lawsuit can protect the rights of dog bite victims in the Bay Area.

Dog bites and animal attacks are cases of strict liability. If the animal in question has an owner, that owner is one hundred percent responsible for the actions of their animal. If you seek any type of medical treatment after your dog bite, you want to take legal action and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Scher, Bassett & Hames attorney

California Animal Attack Lawyers

In many cases, dog bite and animal attack victims will be in need of immediate medical attention, as well as future surgery to minimize scarring and disfigurement. Protecting Bay Area personal injury victims for over forty years, we can identify all costs and future expenses so that you are not left holding the bag for costs that you may not be able to see right now.

You may feel like taking legal action is a risk, but it does not have to be. We handle all personal injury and dog bite lawsuit in San Jose on a contingency basis, so you do not have to pay any legal fees until we get you a full recovery.

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Dog bites can cause serious damage, and it is up to you to take them seriously and protect your rights. Dedicated to helping people in trouble, we make home and hospital visits, in addition to meeting clients in our San Jose law offices. Contact Scher, Bassett & Hames today for a free initial consultation of dog bite lawsuit in San Jose.