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Post-Bite Infection Prevention

A dog bite—or a bite from another type of domesticated animal—is considered a personal injury. If you sustained the injury from a pet who belongs to someone else, you may be able to have an attorney file a dog bite lawsuit in San Jose on your behalf. Be sure to keep your personal injury lawyer updated regarding any post-incident complications you experience, such as infections. Dog bites in particular are known to have a high risk of serious infections. Unless there is proof that the dog who bit you is up to date on rabies shots, you’ll need to get a series of rabies shots as a precaution. A tetanus shot might also be necessary. You can include the cost of the shots when you request compensation via your personal injury claim.

Your risk of infection can be managed by thoroughly irrigating the wound. A doctor may use sterile saline solution or Ringer’s lactate solution for wound irrigation. Tissue debridement may be necessary in some cases, and some dog bites may require stitches. The doctor will give you instructions for applying antibiotic ointment, cleansing the wound, and applying fresh bandages at home.

Post-Bite Infection Prevention in San Jose