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Subsequent Injury Benefit Trust Fund Experts in San Jose

The Subsequent Injury Benefit Trust Fund was established in California to encourage employers to hire workers who had preexisting disabilities and injuries prior to beginning work. If a worker then suffers a serious work injury then the Subsequent Injury Fund can be a way for the injured worker to get additional monies for both their preexisting and work-related injuries. It is a form of workers’ compensation benefit which is important to understand. As an employee, you have legal rights if you are disabled and hired at a job. At Scher Bassett & Hames, our legal team has the experience and knowledge to help you get the answers you need. For more information on our services, contact our San Jose area office by calling 408-739-5300.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in San Jose, CA

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Having a disability can be debilitating for everyday life and for future job prospects. Finding a job you can fulfill even with a disability is hard enough. Once you find that position, it is imperative to have protections in place should your disability worsen through a workplace injury. The Subsequent Injury Benefits Trust Fund was set in California to provide peace of mind to both employer and employee in the event you suffer a serious injury on the job. Without sound legal representation, workers compensation law is difficult to sort through. There are benefits an injured worker is entitled to that may not be brought to their attention. This is where Scher Bassett & Hames can help. For years, we’ve stayed up to date with the latest change in the laws and regulations to better understand the legal framework surrounding these cases. We apply that knowledge to each one of our cases to ensure you are getting the justice you deserve. We go through each piece of your case step by step so you understand what’s happening and get the results you are looking for.

Workplace Injury Legal Experts

It is imperative to keep a record of interaction and communication with your boss, supervisor, and HR representative. This information provides an important framework for getting a case together and will be used by our legal team to assess options moving forward. We’ve helped litigate many cases in the past, where our clients were entitled to significant compensation for injuries sustained on the job because the SIBTF was not being properly applied. The legislation that created the Subsequent Injury Benefit Trust Fund has undergone several changes over the years and is notoriously complex to understand. Because of this, it is essential to hire an experienced legal team when attempting to obtain this form of workers’ compensation. We have helped countless clients at Scher Bassett & Hames and our commitment to getting you compensated fairly is our number one priority.

We’re Standing by to Help

If you have been recently injured at work and have an existing disability, contact our experienced attorneys today. Keep as many records as possible and ask for information in writing so our team has adequate documentation to work the case. Filing a claim can be a cumbersome process, and when things go wrong, the bureaucracy can be nearly impossible to handle without sound legal counsel. Fortunately, Scher Bassett & Hames is here to help. Contact our Sunnyvale legal office in the San Jose area today for a free consultation on your workers’ compensation case.