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Scher, Bassett and Hames – Case History

Huereta – Personal Injury

Young man ran over twice by Redwood City Police officer while laying unconscious in parking lot. Fractures to head and torso. Settlement reached with city for $1.25 million.


Workers’ compensation claim. Young woman working in veterinarian office sustained back and hip injury in scope of employment. Case stipulated for 100% permanent disability. Client expected to receive over $1 million dollars over lifetime.


Workers’ compensation claim. Gentleman injured at work, requiring multiple surgeries. Case settled for 100% permanent disability. Later settled for balance of claim for $1.25 million with medical for life.


Man fell of scaffolding and sustained serious head injury requiring surgery and partial removal of brain. Case stipulated for 100% level of permanent disability. Injured worker received approximately $1.25 million in indemnity benefits.


Female Real Estate agent slipped and fell on street while in the scope of her employment. Personal injury claim settled with at fault contractor for $385,000. In addition, she received full workers compensation benefits.

Dog Bite Case

Young girl mauled by grandmother’s dog while in her home. Girl sustained serious injury to back. $80,000 settlement.

Yellow Cab

Older women returning from work as a custodian at San Francisco Airport. While in crosswalk, she was struck by Yellow Cab and suffered serious injury to neck and back requiring multiple surgeries. Case settled for $1.5 million.


Woman driving car stuck vehicle in middle of highway that had rolled over. Initial offer $1000. Case settled for $50,000.


Workers compensation claim. Woman involved in solo car accident while in scope and course of employment. Solely workers compensation claim. Case settled for $980,000.


Gentleman working at Fox Theater in Hanford, CA was struck in head by equipment installed by electrician for separate company. Man sustained serious brain injury. Received workers compensation benefits for $350,000. Civil case settled for $750,000.


Gentleman working at An-Jan while working for employer Thermo Fisher. Chemicals exploded while being transported into safe container. Workers comp claim settled for $250,000 plus $200,000 paid in medical expenses. Civil case VS An-Jan settled for additional $250,000.


Husband was struck and killed by city owned garbage truck while biking to work. Driver of truck crossed over bike lane. Survived by wife and three adult children. Settled for $4.5 million.
Passenger in car sustained serious internal injuries requiring multiple surgeries. Injuries healed well. Settled for $450,000.


Slipped and fell on uneven sidewalk in city of San Jose. Markings on sidewalk show that sidewalk was supposed to be repaired months prior to accident. Settled for $80,000.


Young man riding scooter on street of San Jose, CA. Hits a rough patch of street under control of Union Pacific. Fractures elbow in subsequent fall from scooter when he hits the patch. Settles for $135,000


Man riding scooter in bike lane in Sunnyvale. Hits depressed Sewer cover in middle of bike lane causing him to fall and fracture his arm. Settle at Mediation for $60,000.


Woman walking in an area immediately adjacent to sidewalk hits an improperly placed 18-inch-tall metal sign causing fall and subsequent surgeries to hand. Settle with Electrical company for $75,000.

It is not uncommon for our cases to settle for 6- or 7-times original offers from insurance company.