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Why a Poor Economy Increases Stress in the Workplace

When the economy is performing poorly, employers often look for ways to cut operating costs. One of the most common ways to reduce company costs is to lay off workers, particularly those in lower level positions or with fewer responsibilities. Unfortunately, the reduction in available workers does not change the production requirements placed on the remaining employees, raising stress levels and even increasing the risk for workplace injuries in San Jose.

Less Manpower

In times of economic hardship, employees are often forced to produce more with fewer resources. When layoffs occur, the remaining workers must take up the responsibilities of those who were laid off in addition to their normal workload. The pressure felt by remaining employees is also exacerbated by worries that they may also lose their own job security if they do not rise to meet these new challenges. Increased stress over these issues can lead to situations such as mental and emotional burnout, fatigue, poor health, and an increased risk of workplace injuries.

Strained Relations

When employees are concerned about their own job security and feel increased pressure to produce results, their relationship with each other and with their employer may suffer. Increasing competitiveness over limited positions or limited funds for raises and performance-based bonuses can lead to feelings of isolation and even paranoia, which contributes further to workplace stress. Employees may also feel concern over their employer’s goodwill, worrying about whether speaking up about workplace rights or requesting workman’s comp for on-the-job injuries could jeopardize their employment.

A stressful workplace can affect your confidence when speaking out about workplace injuries or unfair practices that affect your rights as an employee. If you have any questions or concerns about employment rights or workman’s comp near San Jose, working with an employment lawyer or worker’s compensation attorney is the best way to ensure that your rights are upheld.

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