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The Emergence of Tech Workplace Injuries [Infographic]

Most people associate workplace injuries with physical labor jobs, like construction or manufacturing. In reality, sitting behind a computer does not protect you from experiencing a workplace injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, muscle strains, and sitting disease—which increases your obesity risk and makes your heart attack risk equivalent to that of a smoker—are all increasingly common injuries that are emerging from tech-driven workplaces. Fortunately, a workers’ compensation attorney can help you fight for your right to benefits when you’re hurt on the job. Learn more about workplace injury risks in this infographic from Scher, Bassett & Hames. Contact us when you need a workers’ compensation attorney in San Jose, whether were hurt on the assembly line or at your desk. We will help you get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. Please help others understand their rights in filing workers’ compensation claims for tech job injuries by sharing this information.

Tech Workplace Injuries in San Jose, CA