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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tech Jobs: Understanding the Injury Risk

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of repetitive motion injury that occurs when the nerve that passes through your wrist and into your hand becomes inflamed or compressed. This condition can cause symptoms that range from tingling and numbness in the palm and fingers to muscle weakness that affects the function of the hand. As the use of technology such as keyboards, mice, and tablets increases in the modern workplace, the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome increases as well. Today, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common workplace injuries among a variety of workers; your lawyer serving San Jose can help you quantify your case to ensure you receive proper injury compensation.

How Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Occurs

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive motion injury, meaning that it is caused by the frequent repetition of certain motions or the consistent assumption of certain postures. This type of injury is extremely likely among workers who use computer technology on a daily basis because the motions and postures associated with typing on a keyboard and using a mouse can cause inflammation in the nerve passing through the wrist. Because workers are urged to work longer hours and produce results much more quickly, extended periods of typing with little chance for rest has further raised the risk of this type of injury among workers in technological jobs.

Worker’s Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is considered a valid workplace injury that is eligible for worker’s compensation reimbursement if you require medical treatment or must miss work due to pain or physical disability associated with this injury. Your responsibility as a tech worker is to report your symptoms as soon as possible after they occur; you may also be required to seek a medical evaluation to diagnose this injury and determine the best course of treatment. If you have questions or concerns about receiving workman’s comp for your carpal tunnel syndrome, an experienced worker’s compensation attorney is your best resource for legal assistance.

Understanding the Injury Risk in San Jose, CA