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Keeping Displays Safe

If you own or manage a retail store, it’s essential to maintain a safe environment for your employees and customers. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing a personal injury claim filed in San Jose. Some slip and fall accidents are caused by poorly designed or constructed displays. The first step in preventing slip and fall accidents is to ensure that the store display has a firm, even base. If you have a store in an older building, be aware that old floors can develop a slope over time. Place a ball on the floor and see if it rolls to determine if the floor is even enough to support a display.

The next step in preventing slip and fall accidents is to confirm the safety of the materials you’re using to make the display. If any of the products contain liquid, make sure that none are leaking. Keep the heavier display items on the bottom. When the display is fully assembled, you should pretend to be a customer. Navigate a shopping cart around the display and bump into it from all sides. If it falls over, it isn’t constructed well enough to keep your customers safe.

Window Displays in San Jose