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A Look at Common Workplace Injuries

Although the risk is not even across all careers, many jobs present the risk of workplace injuries in San Jose. Negligence, improper methods, and risky conditions often lead to personal injuries, which in turn result in the hiring of personal injury lawyers. Although there are ways of preventing these mishaps, accidents cannot be eliminated entirely. Continue reading if you are interested in taking a look at common workplace injuries.


The most common way Americans injure themselves on the job is by overexerting themselves. This may occur as you complete your last heavy lifting task at the end of a long shift, or it may come as a result of poor lifting methods. If your job requires you to lift or move heavy objects, it is important that you understand the proper way of doing so. Poor form leads to the back injuries that typically occur as a result of overexertion, which can sideline you from your job for an extensive period of time. Be sure to lift with your body rather than your back, and keep yourself hydrated throughout a long shift of strenuous physical activity.


Overexertion may be the most common workplace injury, but it is far from the only one. Slip and fall accidents can occur in any kind of work environment and account for a substantial amount of workers receiving workman’s comp. Two conditions may lead to slipping and falling: slippery surfaces and a cluttered work area. Floors that are slippery due to spills should feature warning signs until the mess can be cleaned in order to promote safety. Similarly, items that can be tripped over should not be allowed to stay on the floor. Failing to adhere to these guidelines can quickly lead to the introduction of a worker’s compensation attorney.

Falling to the Ground

If your job requires you to climb ladders or stairways or spend time on roofs, the proper safety precautions should be exercised. Never attempt to use a broken ladder or mobile staircase, and do not stand on swivel chairs to reach high up areas for any reason.

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