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Attorney Spotlight: Kerry Hames

Look no further than Scher, Bassett, and Hames. Our team of professionals is happy to make sure you receive the injury compensation that you deserve. Keep reading as we put the attorney spotlight on Kerry Hames.

Kerry Hames brings a unique trait to the Scher, Bassett, and Hames firm: bilingualism. If you are looking for a quality attorney in the San Jose area who is fluent in Spanish, Kerry Hames is your lawyer to see. Hames studied Spanish at UC Berkeley in California, earning his Bachelor of Arts in 1998. After studying at Santa Clara University School of Law, he earned his Juris Doctor and passed his bar exam in 2006. Kerry Hames now focuses on litigation and specializes in several areas of practice; the bulk of his work deals with workers’ compensation laws, but he also spends plenty of time assuming the role of a Social Security and personal injury lawyer. Hames’ dedication to justice and ability to work with individuals who do not speak English make him a valued member of the team.