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Motorcyclists: Are You Navigating Intersections the Right Way?

When motorcyclists must file a personal injury claim, there is a roughly 50/50 chance that it’s because of an accident that occurred at an intersection. Motorcycle accident injuries can be severe and even permanently disabling. Although a personal injury lawyer in San Jose can help you recover compensation, your claim might be reduced if you’re found to be partially at fault for the crash.

It’s always best to assume that drivers can’t see you or your bike. Not all drivers come to a complete stop at four-way intersections. Before starting forward, make sure that the driver has fully stopped. Turning left at an intersection is particularly hazardous, as it places you at risk of collisions from oncoming traffic. Make sure there is plenty of space before making a left-hand turn. Similarly, beware cars making left-hand turns directly in front of you. Drivers often assume that motorcycles are traveling more slowly than they actually are. Keep your eye out for potential escape routes you can use in case it looks as if an accident might occur.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries Lawyer in San Jose, CA