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Examining the Role of Stress in Tech Workplace Injuries

For years, tech companies have been thought to be among the best places to work. It’s well-known that skilled tech workers can generally expect substantial salaries and benefits, but at what cost? Just like manufacturing workers and farm laborers, tech workers are susceptible to workplace injuries. For tech workers in San Jose, these workplace injuries are typically stress-related. Employees who have been hurt at work may file a claim for physical or psychiatric injuries, or both.

Psychiatric Stress Injuries

Mental stress can affect anyone. Chronic stress often develops from medical problems, financial strain, and marital strife, but all too often, stress arises from the workplace. Tech workers are thought to work in disproportionately stressful environments. In fact, according to Business Insider, tech employers such as online retail giants and software developers maintain some of the most stressful environments. Of course, proving that a psychiatric injury is the result of a stressful environment at work is challenging. Tech workers who feel that their workplace stress is affecting their overall wellness or quality of life may wish to consult a workers’ compensation attorney to discuss the merits of their case and their legal options. Claims for psychiatric injuries may be more likely to move forward if the emotional distress was caused by the egregious conduct of the employer, arose from a physical workplace injury, or has been documented in the individual’s medical records. For example, an attorney may point to a diagnosis of clinical depression or generalized anxiety disorder as evidence of excessive workplace stress.

Physical Stress Injuries

Workers’ compensation claims for physical stress injuries are more likely to be approved compared to psychiatric injuries. Like other office workers, tech employees are at a high risk of medical problems caused by spending long hours sitting down at a desk. Tech workers are susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome, upper extremity tendonitis and tenosynovitis, cervical disc degeneration, computer vision syndrome, and similar health problems. When tech workers consult a doctor about these issues, they may learn that their pain and other symptoms have been caused by their responsibilities at work.

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