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The Importance of an Independent Medical Review

If you’ve been hurt at work in San Jose, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier might request that you undergo a qualified medical exam. If so, it’s a good idea to seek the counsel of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. During the medical exam, the doctor will try to determine the extent of your impairment and what sort of medical treatment you need. Qualified medical exams are intended to be objective assessments. However, if the insurance carrier requested the review, you should bear in mind that the doctor is being paid by the insurance carrier.

Your workers’ compensation attorney will likely recommend that you ask to review any documentation that is sent to the reviewing doctor by the insurance company or your treating doctor. This gives you the opportunity to correct any factual errors. Your workers’ compensation attorney may also caution you that there is generally no expectation of doctor-patient confidentiality during the review or even during your time in the medical office. The insurance carrier may take sub rosa movies of you and show them to the doctor.

Independent Medical Review in San Jose