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Common Computer-Related Injuries

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that more than half of workers in the United States use a computer for daily tasks. Widespread computer usage has not only changed the way businesses operate, it has also put workers at risk for new types of work-related injuries, including those associated with computers. Although computer-related injuries differ from the more traditional slips and falls most frequently associated with workers’ compensation, you are still entitled to compensation for injury if you have suffered a workplace injury due to computer use in San Jose.

Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are some of the most common work-related injuries associated with computers. One of the most frequently-reported computer overuse injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs when swelling of the tissues in the wrist presses on the nerve that passes through the narrow opening of the wrist from the arm into the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome can range from mild to severe, and may cause only minor discomfort or lead to weakness and numbness in the hand that affects other daily tasks. Other overuse injuries that may arise from prolonged computer use include tendonitis and ganglion cysts.

Posture-Related Injuries

Sitting at a computer for long stretches of time can also cause posture-related injuries, particularly if an individual’s seat or desk does not allow for or promote good posture. Furthermore, prolonged laptop usage can cause poor posture due to the orientation of the keyboard and the display, even in a setting meant to promote healthy body position. Posture-related workplace injuries associated with computer use include neck, shoulder, back, and arm pain, which is typically caused by holding unnatural postures that stress the muscles and joints. Reduced blood flow throughout the body associated with remaining stationary in a seated position can speed the onset of pain and exacerbate these injuries.

computer related injuries due to excessive use of braille keyboard