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Unique Workplace Risks for Agricultural Employees

When one thinks of workplace injuries, an image of a construction worker falling off of scaffolding may come to mind. The agribusiness field is an oft-overlooked hazard for workers, these individuals are at an exceptionally high risk of sustaining workplace injuries in the San Jose region. Agricultural employees might need the services of a workers’ compensation attorney after sustaining an injury . In some cases, machinery-related injuries can be fatal or result in permanent disability.

A workers’ compensation attorney can assist agricultural employees who suspect that their illnesses may be related to the excessive exposure to toxic pesticides. These employees are exposed to concentrations of pesticides at much higher levels than the average person using a weed killer in his or her garden. Other workplace risks include exposure to harsh weather and injuries or illnesses related to improper field sanitation. Lastly, workers’ compensation attorneys can assist agribusiness workers who have sustained musculoskeletal injuries due to the back-breaking labor involved with crop cultivation.

person being treated by EMT in Sunnyvale, CA