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Three Types of Product Defects

Are you looking for a personal injury lawyer in San Jose? A personal injury lawyer can help you in a product liability case if you have an injury resulting from a defective product. Keep reading to learn more about the three types of product defects that occur in product liability cases.

1. Design Defects

A design defect occurs when a product is not designed or tested properly. In the case of a design defect, it is likely that all of the products of a certain type are defective since they all have the same design and were tested in the same manner. If you’ve been injured using a product, a personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether the product has a faulty design. The end result may be that the product’s manufacturer must recall that product from shelves.

2. Manufacturing Defect

Unlike a product with a design defect, a product with a manufacturing defect may have been designed and tested properly to ensure its safety and functionality. However, the product may have been improperly manufactured, leading to dangerous consequences. Manufacturing defects are generally not product-wide, and only affect those products that were erroneously manufactured. It may be difficult to deduce whether your product has a design defect or a manufacturing defect yourself. However, a personal injury attorney can research the product to determine its history and any problems with similar products.

3. Marketing Defect

Although the name of this type of defect suggests otherwise, marketing defects do not necessarily have anything to do with product advertising. Rather, marketing defects refer to the warning labels and instruction manuals that come with consumer products. The manufacturer is required to provide the consumer with adequate information to avoid injury and misuse. Therefore, if you were injured by using a product that did not have the appropriate warning labels or comprehensible instructions, the product may have a marketing defect, and its manufacturer may be held liable in a personal injury case.

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