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A Look at Product Liability Claims

personal injury lawyer in San Jose regularly handles product liability claims. In personal injury law, a product liability suit arises whenever a consumer is hurt by a defective product. Defective products can cause serious personal injury, and it is important to meet with a lawyer to discuss your claim in person. Keep reading to learn more about the three kinds of product liability claims, including defective manufacturing, flawed design, and inadequate instructions claims.

Defective Manufacturing Claims

A personal injury lawyer most often handles product liability claims pertaining to manufacturing issues. These personal injury claims involve products that are flawed because of an error in their creation. For example, an attorney might handle a claim of a swing set with a cracked chain or a moped missing its brake pads. In these cases, injury results from a worker’s mistake, but the entire company may be liable if physical or psychiatric injuries result.

Flawed Design Claims

Defectively designed products can also cause personal injury or even death. In these cases, a product’s design is inherently dangerous or defective. As your lawyer will explain, that means all products created using this design are dangerous. Examples of design defects include models of cars that tend to flip over when turning a corner or a line of electric blankets that electrocute users due to a wiring problem. If a personal injury is caused by the defective design, the company is still liable.

Inadequate Instructions Claims

Personal injury claims based on inadequate instructions involve a failure to provide adequate warning or proper instructions about a product’s proper use. These personal injury claims usually involve products that are dangerous in ways not immediately apparent to the user. A user may also be required to exercise special care but may be unaware of the extra caution required. One example of such a claim would be a cough syrup that fails to warn about its dangerous side effects when combined with other medications.

Product Liability Claims