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The Importance of Keeping a Diary After a Car Accident

Personal injury lawyers in San Jose regularly advise all their clients to keep a complete record of the facts of a car accident. Car accident claims are resolved based on evidence and details. That means that your ability to recover compensation for personal injuries and pain and suffering could depend on the completeness of your diary. Make sure you write down who was involved, what happened, where the incident occurred, and how the accident transpired. Record the weather conditions, lighting, and the most precise times and distances you can establish. If possible, try to sketch a diagram showing the points of impact, and take as many photos as you can. Finally, obtain names and telephone numbers for all witnesses. By preserving as much information as possible, you can help your car accident lawyer build a stronger claim. It is difficult to determine which details may or may not be essential to your case, so always err on the side of providing your attorney with more information.

woman writing in diary