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Dealing with Psychiatric Injuries

You may already know that you’re entitled to workers’ compensation if you sustain a work-related injury such as a fracture from a fall or carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive stress. But did you know that you could also obtain workman’s comp near San Jose if you suffered psychiatric injuries? Obtaining workman’s comp benefits for psychiatric injuries is typically much more challenging than obtaining benefits for physical injuries, which is why it’s best to retain the services of a workers’ compensation attorney.

To obtain benefits on your behalf, your workers’ compensation attorney must prove that you have a diagnosed mental condition that resulted in a need for medical treatment or that resulted in disability. You must have worked for your employer for at least six months and your attorney must demonstrate that your psychiatric injuries were more likely than not caused by your job. For example, you may have developed depression after suffering a physical injury at work. Or, you may have suffered psychiatric injuries after being the victim of a hostile work environment, such as one characterized by sexual harassment.

Psychiatric Injury Compensation in San Jose, CA