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Is There a Link Between Your Job and Your Heart Disease?

Many people joke about nearly having a heart attack because of a stressful situation. But the link between stress and heart disease is no laughing matter. The many forms of heart disease can be life-threatening or disabling, and sometimes, they can be caused by a person’s occupation. If you’ve had a denied workers’ compensation claim near San Jose after being diagnosed with heart disease, you can consult a lawyer about your legal rights and options. As your workers’ compensation attorney can explain to you, it can be difficult, but certainly not impossible, to prove that your job caused occupational heart disease.

For example, your attorney may demonstrate that your heart problems should be classified as workplace injuries because you are required to do shift work, which has been linked to disrupted circadian rhythms and an increased risk of heart disease. Workplace stress can be a significant factor in heart disease, as can a job that requires either strenuous physical activity or very little physical activity.

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