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Behind the Federal Crackdown on Painkillers [Infographic]

While some patients struggle to get the pain medication they need, others are being overprescribed by their doctors, which puts their lives on the line. More people die each year from prescription painkiller overdoses than heroin overdoses, and doctors who fail to monitor usage or prescribe too much medication are on the front lines. The federal government has taken notice and put protocols in place to control painkiller prescriptions and identify doctors who are prescribing too much medication. The challenge of people recovering from personal injury or workplace injury is that it can now be difficult to obtain even necessary amounts of pain medications. Learn more about the federal crackdown in this infographic from Scher, Bassett & Hames. Contact us if you need a lawyer serving San Jose, such as a car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer, to fight for your rights. Please help educate others about the issue of painkillers by sharing this information.

Painkiller medication abuse in San Jose