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What Happens If You’re Injured on Government Property?

After sustaining an injury in a slip and fall accident, you may have the right to demand compensation from the responsible party. On private property, that person is typically the building owner or manager. However, on public property, a government entity may be held responsible for slip and fall accidents near San Jose. Slip and fall accidents may occur on public sidewalks, streets, public schools, national and state parks, public health facilities, or government office buildings. If you’ve sustained an injury in any of these public areas, you’ll need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

First, your personal injury lawyer will review your case to determine if a government entity or a government employee was negligent in allowing an unsafe condition to exist. If so, the lawyer must determine whether negligence led to your accident and whether your accident resulted in damages. Then, your lawyer can file a formal notice of injury with the appropriate government entity. There are strict deadlines for filing this formal notice; contact a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.


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