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What Causes Slip and Fall Injuries in the Workplace?

There are many possible causes of a workplace injury, ranging from repetitive strain to falls. If you’ve suffered injuries because of slip and fall accidents near San Jose, you should have a workers’ compensation attorney review your case. Your lawyer will need to know about the circumstances of the slip and fall accident and the extent of your losses.

Hazardous Walking Surfaces

Many slip and fall accidents in the workplace occur because of hazardous walking surfaces. For example, loose floorboards, torn carpets, and unsafe stairwells may be to blame for your injuries. Other potential hazards include wet surfaces, recently waxed floors, cluttered floors, and uneven surfaces. You might even suffer a slip and fall injury outside the office due to defective sidewalks or potholes in the company’s parking area.

Inadequate Lighting

Poor lighting is another common cause of slip and fall injuries in the workplace. For example, you may trip and fall while trying to find an item in the office supply closet if the closet isn’t lit or is poorly lit. Often, inadequate lighting combined with hazardous walking surfaces lead to slip and fall accidents. You may be more likely to fall in a dimly lit area if the floor is cluttered, wet, or uneven.

Insufficient Employee Training

In some cases, insufficient employee training causes or contributes to workplace accidents. This is particularly true of slip and fall accidents that occur at job sites such as warehouses and construction sites. If workers at a warehouse are not properly trained on moving equipment or other heavy items, they may be more likely to have an accident. Employees who work at construction sites must often navigate hazardous areas, such as scaffolding and narrow pathways. Even a minor misstep may cause a serious accident, particularly if the employee falls to the ground from an elevated structure.

Improper Footwear

Depending on the occupation, employees should receive guidance on proper footwear. For example, construction workers need to wear work boots that have sufficient traction. Proper footwear is also important for office workers. Dress shoes often lack soles that provide a good grip with the floor.

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