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What to Expect When You File a Case for Car Accident Injuries

Sometimes, car accident victims can obtain a fair settlement from the insurance company relatively quickly. This is especially true if the victim hires a car accident lawyer near San Jose to negotiate with the insurance company. However, victims may need to have a lawyer file a lawsuit to obtain the injury compensation they are entitled to. After your car accident lawyer files the complaint, the defendant is served with a copy of the complaint and a summons. The defendant must then file a response with the court, which lists all possible defenses to the claims your lawyer made.

Then, both parties go through pretrial procedures. Discovery is the process of the mutual exchange of information. This includes document requests, depositions, and interrogatories. While this is occurring, both parties may also engage in settlement negotiations, which may resolve the case before it goes to trial. If an acceptable settlement offer is not forthcoming, the case will go to trial once the preliminary proceedings are complete. The trial will begin with jury selection and opening statements, and it will progress to the presentation of evidence and closing arguments. Then, the jury will deliver a verdict.

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