Agricultural Workplace Injury near San Jose

Agricultural workplace injuries may come from a range of different sources, from equipment malfunctions to harsh working conditions. No matter where your injury stems from, it can have lasting effects on your health if it is not handled properly. The team at Scher, Bassett & Hames is qualified, experienced, and ready to help you deal with your agricultural workplace injury case.

What to Do When You Are Injured At Work

If you happen to sustain an injury while on the job, the first step you should take is to alert a supervisor, manager, or another employee. You can then explain the situation that occurred and the nature of the accident you were involved in. It is also a good idea to talk to a workplace injury attorney to ensure that your rights are protected; in many cases, you may be owed compensation for the injury you suffered while in the workplace.

Common Agricultural Workplace Injuries

Agricultural workplaces can be just as dangerous as any other, and a multitude of different injuries can occur. Considering the machinery agricultural workers use and the conditions they work under, it's crucial to take the proper safety precautions. Here is a look at some of the most common injuries that happen in agricultural workplaces.

  • Tractor Overturn – Agricultural work typically depends on a variety of machines and equipment. Tractors tend to be integral components of the job, but they can be dangerous when used improperly. Talk to a workplace injury lawyer if you are involved in a tractor overturn or similar accident in your agricultural workplace.
  • Heat Illness – Some workplace injuries occur due to the conditions that you work under; such is the case with heat illness. It's important to realize that heat illness is a serious matter, and it can even have fatal consequences. The good news is that this type of injury is preventable by drinking water and resting in the shade.
  • Respiratory Conditions – There are certain aspects of agricultural work that can impact the quality of the air you breathe on the job. Animal waste, aerosols, and machines can all impact your worksite air quality. Be sure to talk to a workplace injury lawyer if you have developed a respiratory condition while at work.

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